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Like anything, good preparation when preparing to fly is paramount. If you're departing Liverpool Airport read on for a comprehensive guide on pre-flight preparation, including security tips and luggage allowances.

Good Preparation ...

Preparing to leave for your flight is very important. So is protecting our home, making sure our luggage allowances are compliant and thus alleviating any last minute worries you might have.


Preparing To Leave ...

Here you will find advice on all the important things you need to think about before you leave for the Liverpool Airport. There's advice on home security tips, luggage allowances and packing tips.

None of us enjoy returning home from our holidays - it's pretty depressing. Well imagine how depressing it would be if your fridge smelt of rotting food, you'd forgotten to arrange for your plants to be watered, and worst of all the possibility of returning to a burgled house.

The single most important thing to think about when going away on holiday is the security of your home. Did you know that almost half of all break-ins happen when a flat or house is left empty for periods of time.

Here are some general tips you should think about before you leave your house:
  • Cancel any milk and newspapers deliveries etc.

  • Don't order any parcels that require a signature for delivery as many will automatically be returned to sender

  • Re-arrange meetings you might have had in your diary whilst you are away

  • Ask a member of your family, a friend or a trusted neighbour if they could visit your home regularly to remove post from the doorstep and water your plants

  • Bin any perishable items in your fridge

  • Save energy and money by switching off all plug sockets such as your television, computer, etc.

  • If you're travelling in the Summer turn off your central heating and hot water. If you're travelling in the Winter just turn the temperature right down, but not off, as this could affect your pipe work

  • Make sure your pets are looked after. Arrange for them to meet any 'sitters' or pack their favourite toys (and a few treats) if going into a cattery or kennel

Home Security Tips ...

You must give thought and preparation to the security of your home before travelling? 

It's your most valuable asset, not to mention the sentimental value attached to it and its contents.  

The following, easy to use, top 10 home security tips will give you additional peace of mind by helping to secure your home whilst you are travelling away:

  Top Ten Security Tips
  1. Automatic Lighting Confuse any potential burglars by installing on some of your lights timers that go on and off at different times throughout the day.  
  2. Post Arrange for a friend or member of your family to visit your home and clear away any post that has built up on your doormat. 

Or ask Royal Mail to set up their Keepsafe service that stores your mail for up to two months while you are away. 
3. Deliveries Make sure you cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries for the duration you are away.
4. Baggage Tags: Only write your home address on your baggage tag when returning from your destination.  Otherwise, anyone handling your luggage will be able to track down your empty house, knowing it is empty.
5. House Checking: Ask friends, family or neighbours to check your home from time to time. This will mean that anyone monitoring your property doesn’t recognise a routine that they could fit their break-in around. 

Get them to open and close the curtains.  Ask your neighbours if they could park on your driveway to make it look like people are home. 

Do leave your contact details with your family, friends or neighbours so that they can contact you in case of an emergency. 
6. Neighbourhood Watch: Is there a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your area?  Visit their website at to find out more.
7. Valuable Items: It's worth leaving valuable items and important documents with someone you trust, or arrange for them to be locked in a safe with your Bank.

High value items like televisions, stereos and DVD players are very tempting to passers-by when on view from outside - keep them out of sight.

Double check your home and contents insurance is valid and that it provides adequate cover.
8. Alarm:  if only a temporary measure, ask a friend or neighbour you trust to be an additional key holder whilst you are away, in case your Security Company need to contact anyone in emergency.  
9. Outdoor Storage: Pop your valuable bicycles, golf clubs or tools normally housed in your shed, into your house whilst you are away.
10. Locks: Double check all of your doors and windows are securely locked.

In addition, contact your local police forces as some will come out and check your home and suggest security improvements.


Packing Tips & Luggage Allowances...

Do think about weight restriction and the increasing security issues relating to packing and luggage, as well as what you should actually put in your suitcase and hand luggage.

Your luggage allowance will vary from Airline to Airline, in most instances however, the luggage allowance should be printed on your ticket. 

Should you be needing to take a large amount of luggage onto the aircraft contact your Airline for their policies regarding hand or hold baggage allowances. Likewise, if you are travelling with unusual or outsize items of baggage, you must inform the Airline you are travelling with, or ask the travel agent that you have booked your trip through to do it for you.

Usually the maximum weight of an individual bag is 32kg (70lbs) or less.  If your bag weighs more than that you will need to re-pack your luggage into smaller bags so that the weight is distributed more evenly or discard the excess weight. If you do travel with excess baggage you will be charged a fine.  
By checking your allowances, and the weight of individual bags, before you leave you'll be saved any inconvenience or embarrassment at check-in.

At check-in you will be asked a series of questions relating to your luggage, with the level of detail and number of questions asked depending on which Airline you are flying with.

You can find more unofficial information on prohibited and restricted items that must not be packed in your hand luggage or main luggage on the Security section of this website.

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